Counter Loops


Loop and sound systems specifically for payment windows and receptions.


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Loops For Smaller Rooms


Loop amplifiers for rooms under 120 square metres area.

Loops For Larger Rooms


Loop amplifiers for rooms over 120 square metres area.

Portable Loops


Portable induction loops for occasional use in 1 to 1 situations.

Testing & Maintenance


Equipment to test your induction loop is working.

Infrared Loop Products

A wireless alternative to induction loops for providing hearing assistance.

L 1030-10 Charger for HDI 1029
The L 1030-10 is capable of simultaneously charging up to ten HDI 1029….
Our Price: £191.79


EZT 3011 Induction Neck Loop
The EZT 3011 Induction Neck Loop for RR 840 S and RI 830 S is an induction neck loop that…
Our Price: £50.40


EKI 830 IR bodypack receiver
The EKI 830 is a professional two-channel receiver with a 3.5mm jack socket, for wideband infrared transmission systems….
Our Price: £125.10


HDI 830 Stethoset Receiver
The HDI 830 2-Channel Stethoset Receiver is an ideal solution for listening assistance in museums, theaters, houses of worship, and more…..
Our Price: £134.10


SZI 30 Slave Radiator
SZI 30 Slave Radiator
A slave radiator, to expand coverage of the SI30 modulator/radiator which can be switched between operation on channel 1 (2.3 MHz), channel 2 (2.8 MHz) and stereo operation….
Please contact our office for options and pricing


SZI 1015T Infrared radiator with integral modulator
SZI 1015T Infrared radiator with integral modulator
The SI 1015 wideband modulator uses the new extremely reliable carrier frequencies 2.3 and 2.8 MHz and can be operated in single-channel, two-channel and stereo modes….
PLease contact our office for options and pricing


IRMTX750 Infrared Modulator & Radiator
IRMTX750 Infrared Modulator & Radiator
The IRMTX750 is a compact combined modulator and radiator for infrared assistive listening systems in courts, classrooms, meeting rooms and other…
Our Price: £202.40


IRSTX750 Infrared Slave Radiator
IRSTX750 Infrared Slave Radiator
The IRSX750 is a slave modulator to enable the IRMTX750 to cover larger rooms. A maximum of three slaves may be added…
Our Price: £144.00