Counter Loops


Loop and sound systems specifically for payment windows and receptions.


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Loops For Smaller Rooms


Loop amplifiers for rooms under 120 square metres area.

Loops For Larger Rooms


Loop amplifiers for rooms over 120 square metres area.

Portable Loops


Portable induction loops for occasional use in 1 to 1 situations.

Infrared Loops


A wireless alternative to induction loops for providing hearing assistance.

Induction Loop Testing & Maintenance

Testing and maintenance equipment for your induction loop system.

RXti2 Induction Loop Receiver/Tester
RXti2 Induction Loop Receiver/Tester
Our Price: £39.43
The RXti2 Induction Loop Receiver picks up audio signals from the loop through a pair of ‘Walkman’-type headphones (not supplied) and allows the signal quality to be assessed for testing purposes…Find Out More…